Rich Chocolate Tart

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June 24, 2012 by Dhani's recipes

Crisp pastry with a hot gooey chocolate filling. Quite rich, so save some space for it!

Makes one little 6 inch tartlet. Serves 2-3 people easily.


60g flour
30g butter,cold and diced
1 tsp icing sugar
2 tsp egg yolk
a few drops of cold water


125g plain chocolate, chopped so it melts faster (you can try using dark chocolate)
60g butter
25g icing sugar
150ml double cream

A spoonful of white chocolate shavings, or any topping of your choice.


Preheat the oven to 200°C.


In a bowl, combine the flour with your finger tips till the mixture resembles breadcrumbs. (You can also do it in a blender if  you don’t have a little sis to do it for you.) Add in the egg yolk and mix with finger tips. Slowly add in the water till you get a soft dough. Refrigerate for atleast 15 minutes.

While the pastry cools, melt the chocolate with the butter and icing sugar in a double boiler till smooth . Once you take it off the heat, whisk in the cream and rest till you work on the pastry.

Roll out the pastry on a lightly dusted surface till slightly thin and line the 6 inch tartlet case. Gently prick it all over with a fork and back for 10 minutes.

After 10 minutes, pour in the filling and bake for another 15 minutes or till the fillings bubbling and the pastry is golden brown.

Add toppings and server hot!





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