Asian-flavored Christmas Chicken Stew

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December 25, 2011 by Dhani's recipes

Don’t know what to call it exactly, I set out with the ambition to make a stir-fry, but I realized the chicken gave off such tasty juices the moment  I put it into the pan, didn’t feel like wasting them. So, I added some more water and made it a one-pot Christmas stew!


500g Boneless chicken (cut into strands)
A handful of coriander (roughly chopped)
8 tbsp dark soy sauce
7 spring onions (chopped)
3 tbsp honey
1 tbsp sugar
2 red chilies (any-should not spicy)  (thinly sliced)
6 baby potatoes (boiled till cooked)
2 tbsp chili flakes
3/4 cup water
garlic and ginger paste
salt to taste
1-2 tbsp oil


1)Marinate chicken in the soy sauce and coriander. Rest for atleast an hour.

2)In a non-stick pot, heat some oil on a low heat. Saute the ginger garlic paste for a minute or so. Add in the marinated chicken along with all its juices. Don’t worry if it gives out too much water, that’s exactly what you need. Saute for another minute and add in chili flakes,honey,only half of the spring onions,potatoes and the sugar. Saute and cover.

3) After 3-4 minutes of covered cooking, add in the water and continue cooking till tender, taste it so you know if it needs some more minutes of cooking.

4)Garnish with the remaining spring onions and chili. Serve warm on a cool Christmas eve!

Merry Christmas!



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