My Malaysian Food Journal (Day 1)


October 31, 2011 by Dhani's recipes


My trip to Malaysia- food experiences and some stuff cooked up in the hotel room, and loads of donuts! Will also be writing some Malaysian words I learnt during the trip in these few posts.

22nd Oct 2011
Was super tired after the looong  journey, but my day was made with a KFC “a.m riser”. A good start for a long day. After sleeping for a fair amount of time, after lunch, went to Mid Valley Mega Mall. It was such a pleasure to see Krispy Kreme donuts after almost 2 years. I’m always craving donuts, did not have a single donut for 2 years after eating at Krispy’s!

After exploring the mall a little more had two amazing deserts Ais Cacang and Cendol.

Ais Cacang

 Ais Cacang had a couple of quite peculiar ingredients. Beans and sweet corn topped with black jelly, ice (with some pink syrup), peanuts and ice cream. The beans and corn actually tasted weird but amazing. The crunch of the peanuts contrasted the smoothness of the ice cream. Too good.Also called ABC (everything).

And the Cendol had green noodles and some jelly and beans with coconut milk. Tasted similar yet different to Ais Cacang.

Ais- Ice (probably)
Cacang- peanuts

Day ended with some donuts and a grilled chicken burger from Wendy’s.

Looking forward to go to the theme park tomorrow.



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