Peppery Tuna Spaghetti

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June 17, 2011 by Dhani's recipes

Long time no post! Hardly get any time to cook on school days…make the most of week ends.

This is a really easy recipe with simple ingredients…


1 can of tuna
1/2 a packet of spaghetti
1 green capsicum(chopped finely)
a spoonful of ground black pepper
salt to taste
extra virgin olive oil
2 onions ( cut into chunks)
100 g butter
150 g flour
1-2 cups of milk

1)Cook pasta with plenty of salt.

2)To make the white sauce, melt butter and add flour. Mix well till you get a light brownish shade. Stir in the milk and mix till you dont have lumps.Add in the black pepper And salt.

3)Add cooked pasta to the sauce along with the capsicum and onions. Mix well and add tuna.

4)When serving drizzle some olive oil on the top along with some chilled tomatoes or cucumbers at the side.

Hope you like it!



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