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June 1, 2011 by Dhani's recipes

Everybody loves burgers…You can add all the stuff you like and create your own…

This is my recipe(Though I didn’t make the bread or the patty. It’s the veggies that can make it completely different …and don’t forget the sauce !)

(Makes eight burgers)


8 burger buns

1 small zucchini
2 tomatoes

3 onions
a spoonful of dried parsley
4 strips of bacon
sugar ( for caramelizing bacon and onions)
mayonnaise to spread on burger bread
8 burger patties ( you can use any) or you can make it at home – http://www.recipe.com/recipes/burgers/chicken/


1) To cook zucchini, add a few drops of olive oil to pan and toss zucchini till slightly yellowish. Add salt and parsley and keep aside.

2)For onions and bacon, add some oil and let the onions sweat. Add 4 spoonfuls of sugar and add the bacon. Cook till golden-brown.

3)Cook burger patties.

4) Assemble the burger, apply mayonnaise first on the buns and then place onions,bacon,zucchini,patty and tomatoes. Serve with fries.

Hope you like it!



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