Tangy Tortillas


May 19, 2011 by Dhani's recipes


Recipe: (makes 10 burritos)


3 green bell peppers
500g mushrooms (small-any sweetish ones) chopped finely
handful of shredded cheese
500g boneless chicken

Marinade for chicken-
-ginger garlic paste
-chili powder
-tandoori masala
-garam masala
-salt and pepper

-diced onions, tomatoes, corriander

(Used ready-made tortillas…see recipe at : http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/mexican-whole-wheat-flour-tortillas/Detail.aspx )


1)Cook marinated chicken with some olive oil till dry and properly cooked.Once cooled, cut into thin pieces.


2)For salsa, mix diced tomatoes,onions and coriander together.

3)Saute mushrooms with salt and plenty of sugar.

4)Roast capsicums and put in water. Peal of burnt skin and chop finely.

5) Assemble all ingredients in tortillas (divide them into no. of tortillas first) and fold.

6)Heat on pan(without oil) till cheese melts and outside is crispy.

Serve with any sauce you like…you could add more chili if you like.





2 thoughts on “Tangy Tortillas

  1. Blanch Lobo says:

    It looks very tasty n yummy.I’m definately going to try making it .

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